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Wedding banquet halls and venues in Mauritius

For having performed in many banquet halls and wedding venues across the island, it is a pleasure for us at R’MONYX Orchestra to present you the complete list of banquet halls and wedding venues in Mauritius:

Wedding Venues

Age D’or Hall

Wedding Venues

Corps de Garde Hall

Wedding Venues

Domaine Grand Ferret

Wedding Venues

Domaine Sam

Wedding Venues

Domaine Seethloo

Wedding Venues

Issa Hall Mont-ida

Wedding Venues

Nadarasen Social Hall

Wedding Venues

Ramawatar Mohith Hall

Wedding Venues

RM Garden

Wedding Venues

Royal Gardens


Wedding Venues

Soonnee Hall


Wedding Venues

Triveni Banquet Hall


Wedding Venues

Val De Vie Event Garden

How to choose a banquet hall or venue for your wedding

Choosing a venue or hall for your wedding ceremony in Mauritius is now easier with R’MONYX. We have created the most complete list of wedding banquet halls and venues on the island. But we take it even a step further. In this practical guide, we help you find the perfect venue for your special day(s).

The choice of the banquet hall or venue to celebrate your union is the centerpiece and number one priority in the planning of your wedding. This is a step of utmost importance, to which you will have to devote all your attention. The reason we stress this is in fact, the place where your wedding ceremonies will take place will influence many other details, from decoration to the menu, and even your wedding theme. Choose it well.

But this does not have to be burdensome. Remember to use the filters at the top of our webpage to easily refine your selection. So, before throwing yourself headlong into the booking process, you need to check some important aspects. This guide works better with your favorite drink and fiancé(e) by your side. Let’s jump in:


1. Go back to your dream

How you always imagined your wedding? That is the best starting point. From thoughts to paper, write down the things you always dreamed to have or happen for your wedding. Using your imagination will help make your wedding original, beautiful, and like a dream come true.


2. Choose a theme for your wedding

Now that you have all the elements you need, it is time to choose or create a an idea or a theme for your wedding. A professional wedding planner will surely make this easier, but you can too.

  Be careful not to make a hasty choice. For this process, we recommend taking a week or so to think about it. If you can, we recommend you talk to recently married family members or friends for sharing some ideas.

  In fact, before even trying to contact the various banquet halls and venues, choose a theme or style for your wedding, that will help you a lot more. The place of reception must correspond to your personality but also to the eventual theme of the great event or in any case to the type of reception you want to organize.

Let’s try to put this in context. If for example, you are a couple who loves nature and don’t want a classic or stereotyped wedding ceremony, you will be better off with an exotic venue located in natural surroundings such as Domaine de la Nature or Le Domaine de l’Arbre du Voyageur. If on the other hand, you want a flamboyant wedding to easily welcome all your guests, choose a popular banquet hall not far from your region.


3. Know your budget

Just like your wedding theme, it is important to define your budget for the banquet hall or venue. This will certainly depend on you and the style and size of wedding you’re aiming for. To get a better idea, ask yourself how much you want to spend on the entire organization of the wedding. From this, you will have a clear idea of how much you can allocate for the wedding venue.

  It is important you do this right at the start of your planning as it would be a real waste of time to go and visit places that are totally out of your reach. In the preparatory phases, you must reflect on those two highly determining factors - style and budget.


4. Choose a good location

This one is rather simple. Do your best to choose a location that will not only be easy for you but also for all your guests. If your religious ceremony will take place at the church or temple, cater for that as well. You don’t want to enroll your guests for tiring road trips.

  The location must also be accessible to everyone: children, the elderly, and disabled persons. If you need extra structures or furnishing decoration, do think about the feasibility for anyone who has to carry additional material. In short, choose a location that is the most convenient for everyone.

Note: On the top or left of this page, you can use the region and location filters to shrink down the selection.


5. Know how many guests will attend your wedding

Now that you have discarded the locations that are not convenient, proceed with evaluating another aspect of fundamental importance: the size and capacity. The place where you will celebrate your union must in fact be adequate for the number of guests expected. It is therefore easy to deduce that, before starting the on-site visits, you must have already drawn up the list of guests or at least a rough idea of the total guests.

Once you have this, you can choose a banquet hall that will meet this requirement. Also, check if the venue has enough rooms to accommodate your families if you’ll be staying there (more on this later). Keep in mind that the venue will also need to have a proper stage and dance floor if you are going to have a live band perform. Furthermore, check spaces for services such as DJ or open bar.

Note: You can use the capacity filter on this page to filter.


6. Do you need a catering service

Take into account the fact that you’re going to need a catering service. Sometimes, this is included in the wedding banquet hall package. But many venues don’t offer this service. So, make provisions for this service before you start the next step.

In the event that the location offers restaurant service, you must make sure that the culinary proposals meet your wishes or that they are in any case able to meet your needs. In addition, find out if the service available can also provide an aperitif and wedding cake. If, on the other hand, you are free to work with a catering service of your preference, talk to the service providers to evaluate all the practical details. Also, before contacting the catering services, ask the owners if they have exclusive partnerships or if you are free to choose who to contact.


7. The contact process

By now, you should have a list of wedding venues that meet your requirements. Now it is time to start contacting them to have more information. Keep in mind that a phone call, although informational, will not be enough to decide if the place is right or not for you. A site visit is essential to know exactly what you will be paying for.


8. When to book

To make a careful choice and to avoid disappointment, the advice is to start the search for your banquet hall about a year and a half before the big day to be ready to book it between 12 and 10 months before. This will allow you not to run into the sad event that the perfect place for you is already booked. That said, do not get anxious and do not make a hasty choice: the things to take into consideration, as is evident, are so many! Therefore, even after a possible "love at first sight", still wait a couple of days before giving the definitive confirmation to let the enthusiasm boil down and give space to rationality, the main ally of a sensible choice!


9. Additional services

Many banquet halls will offer you additional services that will sometimes be packaged in one. Feel free to ask any questions you have in mind. For example, it is now quite common to have an adjoining villa or accommodation right at the venue. Ask about the possibility of sleeping on-site and ask if any room would involve an additional cost or if it is included in the price.


10. A few more things to ask

Whether you are the wedding planner, groom or bride, or a family member, you don’t want to miss a thing during the wedding reception. The key to avoiding this is well-though planning. In that regard, we thought we’d provide you with a checklist of things to ask banquet hall owners to make sure you don’t forget anything. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Will there be any additional costs?
  • Is the banquet hall or venue fully secured?
  • What is the size of the parking?
  • Is the lighting appropriate for my wedding?
  • Are all the electronic installations in good working conditions?
  • Will there be someone at the wedding in case something goes wrong?
  • Do you have tables and seating arrangements?
  • Is there a toilet? For children?
  • What is the best place in the banquet hall for the live band?
  • Is there a predefined time to turn off the music and leave the location?


Here at R’MONYX orchestra, we hope we have shed some light on the planning and the selection of your wedding banquet hall or venue. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need a live band performance or karaoke.